Tournament Rules
LAN Events

• Must have purchased a BYOC player pass

• Must be present at the tournament

• May not participate online from another location


• Players are expected to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy and respect

• Any infraction of these fundamental principles may be deemed cause for disqualification

• Any act of a competitor that reflects badly on EGE will be cause for disqualification

• Any attempts to hack or otherwise obtain an unfair advantage will be grounds for disqualification and removal from the event as well as the possibility of being banned from future events


• Any and all disputes must be brought to the tournament organizer

• Captains are to organize their team to be ready 30 minutes prior to the start of the tournament

• Captains are to locate each other and commence the game promptly

• Delays of more than 5 minutes may be grounds for disqualification

• Captains from both teams must report their scores to the admin table