About Us

Our Mission

Here at eSport Gaming Events, we believe in an engaged and excited fanbase as the backbone of the competitive scene. We strive to promote the eSports community with events focused toward both the professional and amateur competitive scenes. Our viewing parties and barcrafts allow eSports fans to watch their favourite pros duke it out in the arena, and support their favourites against fellow enthusiasts in the spirit of friendly competition.

We also know that the road to professional fame involves a long, arduous journey to the top from the pits of amateur play. EGE wants to bring recognition to those up and coming athletes through one-off LANs and extended tournaments to allow competitors to showcase their talents and build a following before both live and online audiences.

Our Vision

eSports has the potential to achieve the same level of reverence as traditional sports within the next decade. Broadcasts on Twitch.tv already bring in viewership traffic high enough to compete with YouTube and Facebook activity, and last year’s League of Legends World Championships achieved ratings on par with traditional championships such as the World Series and the Superbowl.

We at EGE want to do our part to realize this potential through collegiate and semi-pro level tournaments and championships in Ontario. By shining the spotlight on the strongest athletes in our region through competition and our online community portal, we encourage our fans to get behind their favourites and push the hottest new talent straight to the top of professional eSports stardom.


eSport Gaming Events, Inc. is a Windsor, Ontario based privately-owned and operated event planning company specializing in the video game and eSports industry. EGE provides many services including LAN events, viewing parties, tournaments, and private events. With over 15 years of experience hosting eSports events, the EGE team combines knowledge and passion to convert ideas with potential into full-scale professionally run events.